Presale World

Become a Referrer

Refer a project and earn!
There are a few ways to earn money from referring to PresaleWorld: 📌 25% of the presale creation fee when a referred presale is created 📌 25% of the sponsored listing fee for all the applicable days 📌 25% of the AMA fee when a project joins us on Telegram or Twitter Spaces 📌 A percentage of the total raised funds if you participate in the affiliate program In order to qualify for the referral fee you must:
  • Directly message either @PW_Ant or @PW_Jon in order to get privileges to a create a group
  • Create a group with the project owner, yourself, @PW_Ant and @PW_Jon
  • We will confirm that you referred the project and get your chosen wallet address
Payments from the raised funds are performed automatically from the smart contract when the presale is finalised. Referral fees for presale creation and sponsored listings are performed immediately by PresaleWorld when the BNB is received from the project.
For example, 0.6% of a project that raises 1000 BNB would earn you 6 BNB!
Please note: you are only eligible for 0.6% of the total raised funds when the referred project finalises the presale