Presale World

Finalise Presale

When you're ready, launch on the exchange!
So, your presale has been successful and you want to launch it on the DEX:
  • BSC - PancakeSwap
  • ETH - UniSwap
You can only finalise a presale when the presale has ended and as a minimum reached the soft cap.
Finalising a presale will do the following:
  • Add liquidity
  • Create the pool protection pot (if you selected this option)
  • Pay the launch fees
  • Transfer the excess funds to the project owner. For example, if 60% liquidity and 20% pool protection is chosen then 20% of the total raised will be immediately transferred to the project owner.
In order to finalise the presale, follow the steps below:
Step 1 - Visit the presale that you wish to finalise
Step 2 - Click on the Owner Zone link to access all available tools for the owner:
Owner Zone link position
Step 3 - Switch to the actions tab
Step 4 - You will have a list of actions on how to interact with your presale dependent on the current status. If you wish to finalise your presale, click Finalise Presale. As always, you will be asked to confirm by your wallet provider. Once confirmed, a notification will inform you when your liquidity has been added.
If your token has fees, you must exclude the address shown in order to be able to finalise. If you do not exclude the address, the transaction will fail.
Finalising presale
You have successfully finalised your presale and can be openly traded on your exchange of choice!