Presale World

Claim Tokens

How to claim your bought tokens on PresaleWorld
This guide shows you how to claim your purchased tokens on PresaleWorld. The majority of images are desktop but mobile views are present where necessary.
Step 1: Go to the presale where you have previously contributed. If you haven't been on it for a while, you can find this via the Dashboard or the My Contributions view.
View Presale
Step 2: Wait for the project to be launched by checking the tags:
Step 3: Click on the Claim Tokens button where you should receive a prompt from MetaMask or you other provider. After confirming, the tokens will be transferred to your wallet and you can trade as you wish!
You are charged no fees other than the gas fee that the blockchain requires for the transaction.
Claim tokens example
On smaller screens and mobile devices, you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the claim button.
You have just claimed your tokens from a presale on PresaleWorld!