Presale World

Finding Presales

The best ways to find your next presale


An overview of the presales are best viewed from the dashboard. You can see presales from a range of platforms based on your filters in a single place. You can narrow down your choices by:
  • Status - This includes upcoming, live, ended or cancelled presales
  • Filter - This allows a user to filter by projects that have KYC & Audit, KYC, Audit or any project
  • Sort - These options change dependent on the status of the presale, however, you can sort by total contributed to the presale, the start time, end time and when the presale was listed.
PresaleWorld Dashboard
Trending is a controversial subject across many platforms that has been easy to falsify. We chose to use a trending bar based on a simple and effective algorithm that cannot be manipulated so investors are able to see the actual hottest projects. The criteria is simply:
  • the highest amount raised (when converted to USD) by a presale in the last hour
There are other ways of seeing projects who wish to pay for promotion on our platform. We are completely aware that a launchpad is not only for investors but for project owners in equal measure.