Presale World

Cancel Presale

Sometimes you just have to restart
You are able to cancel a presale in any state other than when it has already listed on an exchange. Cancelling a presale allows investors to claim their contributions back without a charge and allows the project owner to collect all the tokens that they added to the presale.
You are free to make another presale whenever you please. The how-to is below:
Step 1 - Visit the presale that you wish to cancel
Step 2 - Click on the Owner Zone link to access all available tools for the owner:
Owner Zone link position
Step 3 - Switch to the actions tab
Step 4 - You will have a list of actions on how to interact with your presale dependent on the current status. If you wish to cancel your presale, click Cancel Presale. As always, you will be asked to confirm by your wallet provider. Once confirmed, a notification will inform you when that the action is complete.
Cancel presale action
Step 5 - Once the presale is cancelled, this will enable the option to refund your tokens. Simply click on the Refund Tokens button, confirm with your wallet provider and the tokens will be transferred to your wallet.
Refund presale tokens
You have successfully cancelled your presale. You are free to create another one at any time.