Presale World


1% of all raised funds on the platform buy back $PRESALE


Rather than integrate the token into the platform to produce "exclusive" presales, we wished to keep it open for anyone that wishes to participate. This is not a novel idea but it does reduce the utility of an associated token.
What we did want to do is create a token that benefits off the success of the platform but is also able to succeed without help from the platform.
This is how $PRESALE was born. 1% of all raised platform fees buy into the token to either burn or use for CEX listings. This gives an increased price pressure with the contract not having to sell for the buy back (this is an issue with standard buy back contracts).
Presale platforms can help raise as much as $25 million USD for projects in a month. Using these numbers, this would mean that $250k USD worth of $PRESALE would be bought every month.


Tokens are important to the lifecycle of projects. A successful token can not only provide significant return on your investment but it also provides exposure to a wider community. Having marketing streams for a token that helps the platform and marketing streams for the platform that helps the token is the end goal.
The aim is to make it almost perpetual where either the platform or the token is constantly helping the other step up to the next level of success.

Buy Back and Burns

As well as the launches contirbuting to raising the floor of $PRESALE through buy back and burns. All other external revenue streams push towards this too, this includes but is not limited to:
📌 Sponsored listings 📌 Presale creation 📌 AMAs (when the charges apply) 📌 Sponsored listings
The concept is to constantly keep the token tied to the platform success in any way we can!


As well as the platform buying back tokens with 1% of everything raised on the platform, we created some simple tokenomics that aim to further push the token skywards:
  • Buy/Sell - 4%. This is split between marketing and development and buy back and burns!
These fees are in place to maintain a runway to provide fantastic marketing and development opportunities.
When we come to listing on the centralised exchanges, we will likely remove the fee entirely in order to move in line with the exchange. Doing so will allow us to keep the door open to list on the biggest exchanges in the world.

Additional Information