Presale World

Create Token

Create your own token with PresaleWorld
This guide shows you how to create a token on PresaleWorld.
In order to create a token, you need to have a wallet connected. We recommend using Metamask for creating a token but other wallets should work as intended.
Step 1: Select the Create Token link from the sidebar.
Step 2 - Choose the token type that you wish to create. The types that can currently be created are:
  • Standard Token - Simple token smart contract with no fees
  • Marketing/Charity Token - Token smart contract that collects fees for marketing and/or charity. The contract sells the accumulated tokens after a specified amount and transfers the BNB/ETH to the specified address.
  • Liquidity Generator Token - Token smart contract that extends the functions of the marketing/charity token by also adding liquidity to help manage large price fluctuations. It is also possible to enable proportional reflections for users, where investors receive some tokens for each buy and sell.
Step 3 - When you have entered and checked the details for your new token. Click on the Create Token button where you will be asked to confirm the transaction with your wallet provider. Once confirmed, your token will be created and you will be redirected the the Manage Tokens page where you can see a list of any tokens you have generated.
You have successfully created your own token via PresaleWorld! Why not create a presale with it?