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Claim Pool Protection

Scams suck, luckily pool protection eases that pain a little.
In the event of an exit scam as defined here, investors will be able to claim back a percentage of their initial investment if the project had it configured initially. You can see if a project had pool protection by the tag:
The above presale would mean in the event of an exit scam, the user would be entitled to claim back 50% of their initial investment. Below is a how to claim your allotted pool protection:
Step 1: Go to the presale where you have previously contributed. If you haven't been on it for a while, you can find this via the Dashboard or the My Contributions view.
View presale
Step 2: Check to see if the project is flagged by the tags:
Flagged tag
Step 3: Click on the Claim protected funds button where you should receive a prompt from MetaMask or you other provider. After confirming, the percentage of your initial investment will be transferred to your wallet.
The user invested 0.2 BNB in this case and is able to claim 0.08 BNB
On smaller screens and mobile devices, you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Claim button.
A green tick doesn't seem in keeping with the circumstances but you have just claimed back the amount that was covered by pool protection!