Presale World


Roadmap for the token and platform progress
Our roadmap is intended to be flexible and change to current market conditions and what the investors need so this document is intended to be "living". Stay tuned on for all the latest updates:

Q3 2022

✅ $PRESALE token launch ✅ CG/CMC listings ✅ Banner advertisement campaigns for both platform and token ✅ "Grey" marketing for trending services and exposure across the crypto space ✅ Large scale shill campaigns to promote the use of pool protection and PresaleWorld as a whole ✅ Recruiting for social media team

Q4 2022 and beyond

✅ Continuous paid and unpaid marketing campaigns
Increase amount of launchpad partners
CertiK audit for the platform and token
Brand alignment - fix colour schemes across platform and token
Increase software engineer team size
Top 10 CEX listings
Investigate, design and create an app for PresaleWorld
Track recent launches and token performance on PresaleWorld
Important: The long term version is to investigate, design, expand, create to include a centralised option for PresaleWorld. The aim is to open up the market to those who do not use decentralised wallets. This is still under the banner of PresaleWorld but is multifaceted in terms of: regulation for fiat currencies, appropriate AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC requirements, trading platform for when a token has launched, appropriate measures for custodial wallets and much more. We will be giving frequent updates to the development cycles of this project.