Presale World

Create Lock

Create a lock for tokens or LP tokens
This guide shows you how to create a lock for tokens and LP tokens on PresaleWorld.
In order to create a lock, you need to have a wallet connected. We recommend using Metamask for creating a lock but other wallets should work as intended.
Step 1: Select the Create Lock link from the sidebar.
Step 2 - Choose the token type that you wish to create. The types that can currently be created are:
Standard Lock
Locks an amount of tokens until the release time specified
Vesting Lock
Locks an amount of tokens, which are released at several points in time:
  • Initial Release Time - you can choose the percentage of tokens to be released at this point
  • After cycle time - you can choose a percentage of tokens to be released after each cycle.
For example, if the initial release percentage was 50% and each cycle (10 days) was 25%. 50% can be claimed by the owner when the initial time passes, 25% can be claimed 10 days after the initial release time and another 25% can be claimed 20 days after the initial release time.
Step 3 - When you have entered and checked the details for your lock, click on the Create Lock button where you will be asked to confirm the transaction with your wallet provider. Once confirmed, your lock will be created and you will be redirected the the Manage Locks page where you can see a list of any locks you have created.
You have successfully created a lock for your tokens via PresaleWorld! You can share the specific lock page with anyone that wants to see it!