Presale World

Claim Pool Protection

You're one of the good ones! You deserve the reward!
Your project has been launched for 7 days and you've pushed to make it a success (and not done anything listed here). Time to claim the pool protection pot:
Step 1 - Visit the presale where your pool protection pot exists
Step 2 - Click on the Owner Zone link to access all available tools for the owner:
Owner Zone link position
Step 3 - Switch to the actions tab
Step 4 - You will have a list of actions on how to interact with your presale dependent on the current status. If you wish to claim your protection pot, click Claim Pool Protection . As always, you will be asked to confirm by your wallet provider. Once confirmed, a notification will inform you when you have received the amount in the pool protection pot.
Claiming protection pot
If your project has been flagged for any of the reasons listed here then you will be unable to claim the protection pot.
You have successfully claimed the protection pot!