Presale World


Add, remove or update a whitelist for your presale at any time
You are able to edit the whitelist details at any time during your presale. The how-to is below:

Whitelist details

Step 1 - Visit the presale that you wish to edit
Step 2 - Click on the Owner Zone link to access all available tools for the owner:
Step 3 - Switch to the whitelist tab
Step 4 - You now have the tools available to interact with your whitelist.
If the whitelist is not yet enabled you will be greeted with a single option to enable the whitelist:
If the whitelist is enabled you will have options to:
  • Disable the whitelist
  • Set a public start time (when people outside the whitelist can contribute)
  • Disable the public start time (keep it whitelist only)
  • Add users to the whitelist
  • Remove users from the whitelsit
Step 5 - After making your changes, navigate back to the presale in question using the View Presale link. A Whitelist tab will be present if the whitelist is enabled with all of the information pertaining to the whitelist: