Presale World


How to buy-in to a presale on PresaleWorld


This guide shows you how to contribute to a presale on PresaleWorld. The majority of images are desktop but mobile views are present where necessary.
In order to contribute to a presale, you need to have a wallet connected via MetaMask or WalletConnect and make sure you have the current chain selected.
Step 1: Find a presale that you wish to contribute on via the Dashboard
Step 2: After clicking "View Token" on a PresaleWorld presale, you will be greeted by a page with a detailed breakdown of the presale, token and locks.
Presale View
Before investing in any presale, thoroughly check the presale details to see if it meets your standards of investing. Each presale comes with different levels of risk (KYC, Audit, Pool Protection) and it is essential that you do your own research.
Step 3: When the presale is live, you can enter the amount you wish to contribute in the input provided and click "Contribute". You will be provided by a prompt dependent on the wallet you have connected. If you agree with the amounts then press confirm, which will complete your contribution.
Contributions View
On smaller screens and mobile, you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the contributions view.
Step 4: Once the transaction has been confirmed, you will see a notification informing you and the amount of tokens owed and BNB/ETH spent will have updated.
Successfully contributed
You have successfully contributed to a presale on PresaleWorld. Visit the Claim Tokens section to see how you claim your purchased tokens.