Affiliate Program

Earn money from referring to pools

Incentivise users to share your presale today by enabling the affiliate program!

When a presale has the affiliate program enabled, a percentage of the raised funds are set aside to be shared out between users that refer to the presale. These rewards are shared proportionally ensuring the more you refer, the more you can earn!

Here's an example:

For example, for a presale that raises 500 BNB and they choose 10% for the affiliate program. This means 50 BNB is up for grabs for the referrers! User X refers User A, who spends 100 BNB. User Y refers User B who spends 50 BNB User Z refers User C who spends 50 BNB When the presale is finalised, the rewards will be distributed as follows: User X can claim 25 BNB! User Y can claim 12.5 BNB! User Z can claim 12.5 BNB! The more people referred only adds to your referred balance and you can keep track on the affiliates tab.

How to earn rewards from referring:

Step 2: When on the presale, make sure your wallet is connected and head over to the affiliates tab and click on "Click to copy affiliate link"

Step 3: Send the link to a user and when they contribute, they will be added to your potential rewards.

When the presale is finalised, head over to the affiliates tab and claim your rewards! You can keep track of your potential rewards on the affiliates tab of the presale at any time. Remember, the more you refer, the more your potential rewards!

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