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Create a presale on PresaleWorld
This guide shows you how to create a presale on PresaleWorld.
In order to create a presale, you need to have a wallet connected. We recommend using Metamask for creating a presale but other wallets should work as intended.
Step 1: Select the Create Presale link from the sidebar.
Step 2: On the Create Token view you can track your progress with the wizard:
Step 3: Choose the presale type that best represents how you wish to raised funds:
Standard - has a maximum limit and a set amount of tokens an investor receives for their contribution amount
Fair Launch - no maximum limit and the amount of tokens an investor receives changes dependent on the total amount raised.
Step 4: Verify your token by inputting the contract address. If the token is valid then the details of the token will be presented. Once verified, enable the token to be used by the presale contract.
Enable use of the token by the presale contract
Once enabled, go to the next page where you can enter the presale details
Step 5: Enter all the information necessary for the presale. Below is some information to consider:
  • The currency is what an investor will use to contribute to your presale and what the liquidity pair will be made in.
  • You can enable the whitelist from this view or when the presale is created. All information about the whitelist is entered on a created presale.
  • Do not include the token decimals when entering token amounts. For example, enter 0.5 BNB, not 500,000,000,000,000,000.
  • The amount of tokens needed are calculated from a combination of hard cap, presale rate, listing rate, and liquidity percent. Try playing around with the numbers until you reach the tokens needed.
  • Liquidity percent and pool protection percent cannot exceed 100%.
  • Pool protection percent is recommended but not required. For example, you could choose 60% liquidity and the remaining 40% would go immediately to the owner.
  • You can also have a partial amount in pool protection and the rest go directly to the owner. For example, 60% liquidity and 20% pool protection would mean 20% would go to the owner immediately and 20% after 7 days. See more about pool protection.
After entering all the information, click on Next: Project.
Step 6 - Enter all the information that you wish to show to the investor. A few important things to note:
  • Social links will show as links on the presale page
  • Description will be the main blurb on the presale page. Try to make this as engaging as possible for the investor.
  • The YouTube video is intended to be promotional and will be presented on the page.
After entering all the information, click on Next: Confirm.
Step 7 - Confirm all the information you have entered and go back if necessary. If you are happy to go ahead then click on Create Presale. You will be asked to confirm through Metamask or your chosen wallet, after doing so your presale will be created and you will be redirected to your new presale!
At this point, the presale is created, tokens are transferred and the service fee is paid.
Please make sure the address you are creating the presale is excluded from all fees in order to successfully create the presale.
You have made your presale! Check out the remaining links to see how to interact with it as an owner.