Presale World

About Us

PresaleWorld aims to be the one-stop platform for investors and project owners alike.

Who are we?

PresaleWorld was founded by Ant, Jon, and Col. Ant and Jon have run a successful crypto incubator/marketing agency since 2020 and Col has over 30 years of experience in traditional business and finance sectors.
We are KYC verified, audited and are continuously auditing our smart contracts and broadening our audit partners to be certain that we are creating and maintaining the safest platform possible.

What makes us different?

Rather than replicate, PresaleWorld innovates in the favour of both investors and project owners. When researching launchpads we noticed there were some fundamental gaps in the launchpad space:

Hard to track how presales perform across the whole market

Launchpads rise and fall in popularity, which makes it difficult for an investor to understand what platform is best to go to in order to find the next "gem". In some cases, investors have no idea where to start.
PresaleWorld makes it easy to view and sort presales from the most popular launchpads. You can see the best performing presales at the click of a button rather than having to trawl through a long list of unordered content.
So far we have integrated PinkSale, DxSale, Unicrypt, CookieSale, Novation, GemPad and, of course, PresaleWorld. We aim to add more in time as they rise in popularity to give investors the easiest method to find the next groundbreaking project.

KYC/Audit doesn't seem to deter bad actors

It's a nice idea and it's definitely still an extra layer of security but it's not enough of a deterrent for some project owners to perform an exit scam. This is where the unique pool protection comes into its own.
Rather than receive all funds in one lump sum, project owners can choose to receive a percentage of their raised funds after 7 days. The protection pot can be acted upon in two ways:
  • In the event of an exit scam, the investors are able to claim back that percentage of their initial investment (up to 50%) that the project owners initially highlight in the presale details. This allows projects to gain trust from their community immediately and gives investors some hope that not all will be lost, or
  • Alternatively (and hopefully more commonly), no scam occurs within the first 7 days and the project owners can claim back the retained funds from the protection pot
To see more information on the pool protection pot, see below:

A successful platform has no effect on it's associated token

We have seen some utility tokens, some tokens of association and other interpretations but none actually correlate to the platforms success.
We wanted to make a token that not only can perform independently but also can reap the rewards of the platform doing well. 1% of all raised funds on PresaleWorld are used to buy the $PRESALE token, the tokens received will be either burned or used for liquidity on CEX listings.
Presale platforms can help raise as much as $25 million USD for projects in a month. Using these numbers, this would mean that $250k USD worth of Presale.World would be bought every month.